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Minecraft RealityCheck it. It’s a project that’s been sitting on the back burner for months now. I’m finally getting around to editing this bad boy about mixing video games and reality into one mess of pixel-y goodness.

That’s right, it’s about Minecraft as a reality. You should all be looking forward to this little treat.

[Behind the Scenes] White Trash

Aiming Calen up

White Trash, the 24th sketch to have graced the Empire; ’tis a beautiful thing.


Here is the Blooper Reel:

When Calen can’t quite take out the trash


White Trash, came from 15 grueling minutes of attempting to brain storm, and finally once we got our first idea, we just did it. White Trash is what came out. That was, in fact, a play on words in more than one way.

From: The Empire

As some of you may or may not know, I (Jonathan) am taking a digital imaging course. However, everyone knows that’s just a silly technical way of saying “Photoshop”. However, you are likely saying to your self, “What does that matter? Why are you telling me this?” and such well thought out and deliberate questions deserve to be answered to the fullest measure.

See, today it just so happens a midterm presented itself. And in its presentation, it made it very clear that the third portion of itself should be a poster for a movie, band, or what-have-you. Instantly, it dawned on me… Continue reading

Taran Dancing on the Street

Taran most definitely enjoyed the filming of this video. It will at some point have a sequel, something you can look forward to; but for now, just feast your eyes upon this Texan beaut moving his body the way we do in the Empire.

Costuming Mico for The Cheez-It Tournament

The Cheez-It Tournament is most definitely an original Bacon Strip Empire video. Being the second one we released, and third we filmed it involved costuming for the first time. As pictured here, Mico is trying on some shades to work with his “royalty” look. In fact, this costuming session inspired us to put the “Pre-Match Purchasing” in the video.