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I’m proud to announce that there is a 90% chance that I will be posting a new review on Saturday.

You know cause it’s been like two weeks since the last one. Summer’s kinda been a wasteland. Nothing new has come out and I have only been playing games I already reviewed.

But, I shall be diligent.

Probably not though.

Tim Horton’s Moving to Thick Cut Bacon!


This is awesome news for Canadians all across Canada, (Redundant is my 5th middle name; get it?) and you few lucky Americans. Tim Horton’s is looking to add “thick cut hickory smoked bacon” to their line-up on March 13. That’s in less than a week. You know how awesome that is? I mean, goodness, bacon is awesome in any form; but THICK CUT, HICKORY SMOKED?! I’m *this* close to heaven.

First of all, it’s thick cut. THICK. Continue reading