BSE: Legends of Bacon

Ohhhhhhhh snap. You are about to lose upwards of a lot of hours of your free time. Sorry about that.

See, the ever-awesome Baconalen has once again been hard at work crafting the ultimate pixel-based, role-focused, bacon flavoured game for you to enjoy. And it is finally, finally ready for you to consume.

We had a lot of set-backs on this one. Files were corrupted, tears were shed, installations were failed… (multiple times over the past few years)… yet we persevered. And now it is time for YOU to persevere.

You must persevere against the forces of… something? You must travel on a journey through… places? You must upgrade your… items… and find the ultimate… thing? Who even knows what sort of crazy things await you? 1 It’s going to be awesome. 2


Legends of Bacon

Minimum Requirements

  • A WINDOWS computer that can display graphics on a screen that is at least several pixels in dimension.
  • A handful of megabytes of extra room on your hard drive.
  • Your handy-dandy Questing Kit (this is still a requirement)

1. Baconalen knows. He knows everything.
2. Unregistered doctors guarantee that BSE: LoB will make your computer at least 20% more awesome.

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