If I Write A Post, Would Anyone Read It?

Let’s do a little test to see what kind of traffic we’re getting.

Probably not a lot. My name is PhantumFish here, that’s kinda weird. I haven’t used that name since 2013. It used to be Vox Tartarus. That one was okay. I kinda stopped liking it and I thought about changing it back to PhantumFish, but I never actually did. Instead, one day the name Ceaseless Greed got into my head and I thought about it. Slept on it or whatever. Why do people sleep on things, that doesn’t help. Sleep on beds not ideas, kids. Anyway, I fiddled around with the name and came up with some banners and stuff that I thought looked really cool. My boy Jon spruced them up a little and came up with the rad 90’s esque pins I put on my thumbnails. (Thumbnail; singular). So with the new style and the new name I changed my personal channel’s style. Like it or not Ceaseless Greed is my channel name now.

Which kinda pisses me off because I came up with a cooler name two weeks later. Another time perhaps.

This was supposed to be the first post in over a year but I just turned it into a rant about myself. Go team.

If anyone is reading this, just hit me up. You’ll know how to find me.

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